Our signature program is a 4-month arts entrepreneurship incubator for emerging and creative business leaders. It is designed to bridge the gap between two worlds, where #ArtsMeetsBiz, and is intended to help each participant achieve growth & sustainability in their arts-based business. Application required.

What does the Incubator include? 

  • 6 workshops on topics including: Marketing, Branding, Sales, How to Network, Audience & Business Development Strategy, Finance, Operations, Team Management & Collaboration, and more!
  • 4 individual consultations with ARTSLAB's co-founders, Mathew Heggem & Emileena Pedigo.
  • Eligibility to participate in our Annual Pitch Night where you have a chance to share your work with future customers, partners, funders and supporters.


Free monthly Meetups, Structured Networking, Technical Clinic, Pitch Night and so much more!

FYI: We do welcome all arts-based businesses to apply for our Pitch Night. Simply complete our application form and we'll follow-up to see if your ready based on our criteria. Please note that your submitted application does not guarantee participation and we will require you to submit a pitch deck for review prior, in addition to conducting an interview with our founders, prior to acceptance.


As a personal advocate and mentor, ARTSLAB works with artists at the crossroads of their career. Whether you are ready to launch, transition, or formalize your work, we will guide you to where #ArtsMeetsBiz. Make your first impressions matter with one-on-one coaching, including:

  • Discovery of your authentic voice.
  • Brand development.
  • Exploration of defining your art.
  • Introduction to the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Creating a career path.
  • Strategic mapping of business growth.
  • Sustainability in your art, business, and self.

Ready to get started?